Nedgroup Investments

Nedgroup Investments offers hand-picked independent managers in each fund category and partner with them to offer a range of expertly managed funds across all asset classes.

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Unit Trusts

A diversified, professionally managed portfolio of assets managed by top-ranked fund managers. Perfect for short- and long-term savings, while having easy access to your money.

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Tax free investments

Invest up to R36 000 a year without paying interest, dividends and capital gains tax, and have access to a wide range of funds. With Nedgroup Investments you can choose your preferred funds.

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Retirement annuities

Nedgroup Investments retirement annuities offer ad hoc and flexible payment options.

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Best of Breed investments

Nedgroup Investments fund managers are selected and assessed through a Best of Breed investment approach – an intensive and rigorous process that enables us to cut through all the noise and identify the top fund managers.

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Achieve your financial goals with the freedom to invest in the best global investment opportunities and by having a long-term valuation investment focus.

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Effective Annual Cost calculator

The Effective Annual Cost (EAC) has been introduced to allow you to compare the estimated impact of charges on investment returns when you invest in different financial products.




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